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  • Limited Storage
  • Up to 3,000 requests
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  • Up to 1 RPS*
  • No payment required
  • Real time statistics
  • Only one API key

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  • Unlimited Storage
  • Use all API features with guaranteed performance
  • Guaranteed minimum 10 RPS*
  • Real time statistics
  • Pay for what you consume
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  • Unlimited Storage
  • Use all API features with guaranteed performance
  • Purchase in advance
  • Up to 10 RPS*
  • Real time statistics
  • Multiple API keys

Why Reconess?





The Pay As You Go subscription allows you to only pay for what you consume with our real time counting system. Each request type has a different price range. You will be charged for core technology, management, and failure requests. You can reach up to 10 QPS and have unlimited storage.

Category Subcategory Request Type Price
Management Face API Add Face to Person $0.00010
Management Face API Create Face $0.00050
Management Person API Create Person $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Create PersonGroup $0.00010
Management Face API delete Face $0.00010
Management Person API Delete Person $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Delete PersonGroup $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Dis-join Person to PersonGroup $0.00010
Core Analysis API Face Analysis $0.00040
Core Detection API Face Detection $0.00040
Core Identification API Face Identification $0.00150
Core Landmark API Face Landmarks $0.00050
Core Verification API Face Verification $0.00150
Management Face API Faces Cleanup $0.00010
Management Face API Get Face by ID $0.00010
Management Face API Get Face image $0.00010
Management Image API Get Image by ID $0.00010
Management Person API Get Person by ID $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Get PersonGroup by ID $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Join Person to PersonGroup $0.00010
Management Face API List person faces $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API List PersonGroup $0.00010
Management Person API List Persons $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API List Persons of a PersonGroup $0.00010
Management Person API Partial update Person by ID $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Partial update PersonGroup $0.00010
Management Face API Remove Face from Person $0.00010
Request Failure Request Failure Request Failure $0.00020
Management Statistics API Statistics $0.00010
Storage Storage Storage Unit $0.00001
Management Face API Update Face $0.00010
Management Person API Update Person by ID $0.00010
Management PersonGroup API Update PersonGroup $0.00010

* A $5 usable account balance will be deducted from your account when you subscribe to our Pay As You Go Plan. When deleting your Pay-As-You-Go subscription, your API keys and data will not be available anymore. If you don't want to use the core technology but keep your data, you can leave your subscription and only pay for management requests.

* Storage is calculated per unit per day.

* RPS (Request Per Second) is the guaranteed number of requests that you can send per second.

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