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Computer Vision

  • Visual Recognition
  • Face Technologies
  • Body Technologies
  • Video Analysis

Machine Learning & AI

  • Deep-Learning
  • NLP
  • Chatbots

Speech & Voice Recognition

  • Speech Recognition
  • Speaker Identification
  • Voice Analysis

Big Data

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Technology

Cloud Development

  • Cloud Computing
  • CI/CD Development
  • Automation & Testing

Future Technologies

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How Can Reconess Help You?


  • Link the technology with the business strategy and desired business outcomes.


  • Decide how to implement the technology across the business.


  • Facilitate the transition from planning to implementing by using cutting-edge AI technologies from Reconess.
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Our Clients

Reconess helps clients by leveraging rock-solid AI based solutions that significantly improve how business is conducted.


Benefit from unique features for an exceptional experience.

Reliability & Simplicity

Seamless experience for an easy to use unsurpassed technologies, available anywhere at anytime.


Most competitive prices available in the market. Supporting plan customization depending on your needs.

Continuous Learning

Our system will never stop learning, always integrating continual updates automatically to your applications.

Accurate & Efficient

Groundbreaking performance offers Industry-leading accuracy with real-time response for real world business problems.


System designed to answer all business problems regardless of requests volume.


Our amazing team creates unique intelligent experiences for our clients using R&D, strategy, technology, design, data, and creative thinking.

Customized Solutions

Starting your own Start-up? Need a customized solution?
We believe Reconess has a solution to everything, we transform not doable into doable.

Ready to Go?

We are here to help. In order to best understand your needs and offer the best quality solutions, you can contact our team who will respond to all your inquiries and anticipate your future needs.

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