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Face Detection

Detect human faces within images and videos and return face location.

Face Landmarks

Locate a high-precision facial keypoints in images, such as eyes, noses, eyebrows and mouths.

Face Analysis

Precisely measure facial attributes like age, gender, ethnicity, emotions detection, and many more features.

Face Verification

Verify if two faces belong to the same person by analyzing similarities.

Face Identification

Identify and match faces from provided database.

Face Grouping

Accurately classify similar faces together into groups, by analyzing visual similarity.

Body Recognition

Detect and analyze human bodies within images or videos, and return body outlines.

Future Technologies

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How Can Reconess Help You?


  • Enhance your security.
  • High speed searching and face identification.
  • Accurate and reliable.


  • Match people with similar attributes.
  • Tag people automatically


  • Track and measure demographics and emotions.
  • Analyze consumer’s reactions.
  • Provide personalized advertisement.


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Reliability & Simplicity

Seamless experience for an easy to use unsurpassed technologies, available anywhere at anytime.

Accurate & Efficient

Groundbreaking performance offers Industry-leading accuracy with real-time response for real world business problems.


Most competitive prices available in the market. Supporting plan customization depending on your needs.

API Management

Easy to use dashboard for all account details management.


System designed to answer all business problems regardless of requests volume.

Continuous Learning

Our system will never stop learning, always integrating continual updates automatically to your applications.


Our amazing team creates unique intelligent experiences for our clients using R&D, strategy, technology, design, data, and creative thinking.

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